Emu PLains Station Upgrade

The Historic Emu Plains Railway Station opened on 18 August 1868 located on the Main Western line in the Western Sydney suburb of Emu Plains. The station had been through several expansions and upgrade projects with each project presenting their unique character and finishes, with this latest upgrade being triggered for the easy access upgrade and to revitalise the original building to its former glory.

Barnwell Cambridge was engaged to upgrade the electrical services including refurbishment of the existing buildings. Great care was taken to ensure the installation suited the materials used with minimal visual impact. This included cable access to the stand-alone station canopy where no access was designed for Lighting, Power, PA, CCTV, Station Clocks, and Communication Cabling.

It is a credit to the site team for the quality of workmanship, where extensive use of steel conduit was used throughout to meet RailCorp’ standards and to blend in with the existing surroundings. With the restraints imposed to the heritage station building, no conduit was permitted or installed to the exterior of the building, that also required designs for cable reticulation pathways to be approved throughout, before implementation.

The Heritage Building has remained unchanged, despite the upgrade of Lighting, Power, Communications, and CCTV, with the existing surface mounted supplies removed to additionally enhance the building.

On final inspection, Jim Hatz and Associates noted that this project was of a very high standard, with a comment to our client of “a brilliant project”, a comment we take with pride considering Jim Hatz’s long involvement as an approved RailCorp Electrical Consultant and having completed an extensive number of railway projects.

The services provided included,
⦁ Power supply upgrades including new pad-mount isolation transformers
⦁ Level 1 upgrade Works and Substation
⦁ Main Switchboards and Distribution Boards
⦁ Mains and Submains Cabling
⦁ Lift Supplies and Control Systems.
⦁ Cable Management Systems for LV, Communications, CCTV, ACS, Signals etc
⦁ Specialist Cabling for Signals Systems
⦁ Passenger Information System
⦁ General Lighting and Power
⦁ Site Lighting Alterations.
⦁ Emergency Escape Lighting and Exit Signage
⦁ Lighting Control System
⦁ Communications Installation
⦁ Data Communications Infrastructure Cabling and Horizontal Cabling
⦁ Intrusion Detection System and Access Control System
⦁ CCTV System cabling
⦁ PA System
⦁ Lightning Protection
⦁ Specialist Railway Earthing and Bonding
⦁ Infrared Thermal Scanning
⦁ Testing and Commissioning

The acclaimed project was a State and National Winner at the NECA industry awards.