Ken rosewall arena redevelopment

There were programme constraints placed on us to ensure that all work on the Tennis Centre Project were completed in time for the opener for the International 2020 ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) Tour which was scheduled to start on January the 3rd, 2020.

We worked together in the design with Tennis Australia, AW Edwards and ARUP to provide alternatives to cabling reticulation, methods of installation and selection of equipment.

In the early stages of the project Barnwell Cambridge put forward a proposal to the builder to remove all the allowances for access hire on the project to allow the builder to manage all the plant on site. This proposal was taken up which avoided the oversupply of plant by all the sub-contractor in restricted areas.

The project was split into specific tasks and individual team leaders were given responsibility to manage their own section of works under the guidance of the Project Manager and site foreman. The benefit this provided was a smooth and organised outcome in the peak of the project which led to savings to our labour costs

Scope of works performed

  • Replacement of the existing consumer mains to MSB1.
  • Installation of new SPD Cubicle adjacent MSB1.
  • Installation of new OB Main Switchboard 2 and metering.
  • Installation of new consumer mains to MSB2.
  • Supply and installation of Electrical Systems pathways, cable Trays and cable containment.
  • Supply and installation of Communication Pathways, cable basket and cable containment.
  • Supply and installation of support and containment for all small power and lighting.
  • Supply and Installation of 125KVA Generator.
  • Supply and Installation of 125kVAR Power Factor Correction unit.
  • Supply and Installation of 90KVA Uninterruptible Power
  • Supply (UPS) systems.
  • Supply and installation of Sub mains to mechanical switchboards.
  • Supply and installation of sub mains to generator control
  • Page 2/17panels. (Excluding generator load bank and fuel transfer system)
  • Installation of all Low Voltage (230/400V) switchboards for all power and lighting requirements with integrated
  • emergency testing facilities.
  • Supply and installation of C-Bus Lighting Control and DMX interfaces.
  • Supply and of new internal and external Lighting & relamping of existing fittings.
  • Supply and Installation of specialist Sports lighting with different scenes for Tennis & Netball.
  • Supply and installation of new emergency and exit lighting & re-lamp existing.
  • Supply and installation of all small power socket outlets and isolators