Sydney International Airport – Duty Free

Barnwell Cambridge was engaged to deliver the electrical services to a complex refurbishment of the retail precinct at Sydney International Airport where the site teams valuable experience and knowledge of the site and airport operations, assisted the client and builder in delivering the successful project.

Working within a fully functional duty-free shopping precinct in an international airport and keeping it 100% operational during the 8 months of construction is no easy task. Broken into 6 Stages, the overall requirement was to ensure that the Airports general operations and Temporary Duty-Free shopping precinct remained operational on a daily basis. This was successfully achieved, ensuring that there were no delayed flights or lost shopping days throughout the period of the transition and minimal disruption to the flow of the traveling public throughout the construction stages.

As each stages rolled though the terminal at an unrelenting pace, so too did the temporary electrical services in an interim shopping space, before demolition on the old area could proceed. The existing space was then reconfigured and rebuilt and repeated across the remaining stages until final completion. Much of the work was completed in curfew hours of 11:00 PM – 4:30 AM 5 to 7 nights a week.

The clients desire to contain costs, engaged with the Barnwell Cambridge Design Team to identify and develop alternative lighting solution where the Design Team partnered with a key local lighting manufacture to develop and manufacture majority of the light fittings locally, supporting Austrian manufacturers while reducing costs and lead times. The team also developed customised installation solutions and methods to deliver the architects design concepts into reality with customised metal fabrication though Lasonda Industries.

Services provided include:

⦁ Design team assistance.
⦁ Switchboards and submain reticulation.
⦁ Power and Communications cable pathway systems.
⦁ Lighting supply and installation.
⦁ Custom metal fabrication.
⦁ General power installation including floor boxes within the topping slab.
⦁ Dali lighting control system with integration into the airport lighting control system.
⦁ Communications infrastructure and field cabling.

The project was recognised as a State Finalist at the NECA industry awards for the general installation of services and lighting design.