IKEA Multi-Function Logistic Unit

The IKEA MFLU (Multi-Function Logistic Unit) is the first of its type the IKEA in the south pacific. The 400-metre-long x 200-metre-wide manual and automated “pick and pack” warehouse / office facility located in Marsden Park, NSW is the equivalent size of 64 Olympic size swimming pools. This facility is by far the largest real estate holding that the IKEA Corporation has within the region.

Barnwell Cambridge was engaged under a design and construct contract to re-design the project and to provide all the electrical and associated services. The design team developed a lighting solution to the racking area that surpassed the client’s strict lux requirements for the total face of the rack by utilising a lighting track high bay system that also incorporated Dali lighting control, emergency lighting and motion sensors. IKEA is now utilising this design as a benchmark for their Global Standard, in similar warehouse and high racking warehouses due to high level of performance, cost savings, flexibility for site changes and energy efficiency gains.

The project also had the challenge of incorporating a power supply system that included three substations, 30,000sqm solar power generation and as an first in Australia, an auto packing “Green Cranes” system that regenerated power back into the electrical distribution system on site. Additionally, the installation of a specific under slab earthing system was installed to protect the sensitive robotics within the warehouse from the surrounding high voltage transmission towers and lines that ran parallel to the facility.

Within the 70,000 sqm. of Warehouse and office space with some 82 delivery / receiving docks, Barnwell Cambridge were responsible for the design, supply and installation, coordination and commissioning of the complete electrical services including.

⦁ Design and Engineering services.
⦁ High Voltage substations.
⦁ Standby generator power.
⦁ PV solar system.
⦁ Harmonic mains filtering.
⦁ Main and Distribution switchboards.
⦁ Mains and submains cabling.
⦁ Power and Communications cable pathways.
⦁ In ground communications and electrical conduit and reticulation.
⦁ Complete lighting systems for the warehouse, office areas and external areas.
⦁ Integration of the lighting control system.
⦁ General power.
⦁ Lightning protection and surge protection.
⦁ Specialised earthing including under slab earth grid, mesh earthing and bonding to plant and racks.
⦁ MATV and A.V systems.
⦁ Complete structured communications system with redundancy and alternative pathways for copper and fibre network cabling, with extensive Wi-Fi coverage within and external to the building.

The acclaimed project was a State and National Winner at the NECA industry awards for the project and recognised as State Finalist for the Energy Efficiency and Environmental award.