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Goods Line

The brief called for light and power (amongst other services) to be installed to support a new pedestrian and cycle network that makes up this exciting new urban renewal project that is “The Goods Line”. There was nothing about this opportunity that was even close to being easy. Everything from mounting external grade down lights on a heritage listed rail bridge that could not be altered or disturbed in any way. Through to under seat lighting that had to be “custom made” in order to fit into a predefined groove in the base of a pre-cast concrete seat. These requirements called for the team at Barnwell Cambridge to get creative.

Every part of this installation required custom metal work to be manufactured, including the light posts that were made to mount the architectural feature lighting. This was a credit to the whole team at Barnwell Cambridge, with site, office and management staff working together to make this project the success that it is today.

This once derelict site has now been transformed into a place where families play, students meet, markets are held and movie screenings take place. The popularity of the space has surprised even the client and is now being compared to other such projects around the world including “The High Line” in New York city.