Data Centres

Our reputation within the industry as being the leading Electrical Contractor for Turnkey Installations of Data Centers in Sydney has enabled us to provide tailored and confidential support to our clients, while maintain the critical uptime and reliability to these facilities that include;

  • Developing Maintenance programs for the site,
  • General Light and Power,
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Low voltage preventative maintenance
  • Emergency Lighting, testing and certification
  • RCD compliance testing
  • Static UPS systems
  • DRUPS systems
  • Generators
  • Lightning Protection
  • Technical Earthing Systems
  • Triplen Units
  • MSB, DBs, PDUs, ATS,
  • HV Transformers and Switchgear,
  • Injection Testing of ACBs
  • Thermal imaging
  • Calibration checking
  • Grading, Discrimination and Fault Level Studies
  • Lighting Design Modelling
  • Data Services (Copper and Fibre) Accreditation

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