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It was imperative that the Equinix Data Centre remain fully operational during this installation as all of its existing clients rely heavily on the information being produced by this facility. Therefore, loss of IT electrical supply throughout the upgrade of the electrical infrastructure was not an option. To achieve this required very detailed programming to complete the switching of the various supplies. Installation of new Generators, Transformers, Switchboards and associated submains were installed to the facility whilst it remained operational. This required the removal of external building panels to allow generator installation.

The existing facility in line for upgrade was temporarily fed from alternative existing infrastructure, with the installation of the new equipment replacing the temporary feeds. The transfer from old to new required detailed planning with articulated reporting created to deliver the client clear and concise tracking of the project. During the transfer it was imperative that the systems were commissioned and connected without the loss of IT load. This proved very successful, with failures in the existing infrastructure found and repaired during the synchronised outages.