Introducing our group of 5 unique Affiliated Australian Companies

Barnwell Cambridge Pty Ltd (BC) – a leader in Electrical Contracting and Engineering services.
JCB Communications Pty Ltd (JCB) – Data and Voice Communications specialist.
Information Management Integration Pty Ltd (IMI) – Systems and Network Integration Specialists.
Vaughan Plumbing Services Pty Ltd – Commercial and High–End Residential Plumbing installation and Service.
Lasonda Industries Pty Ltd – Engineering and general metal fabrication specialists.

With combined annual revenue of over $80 million dollars and with over 260 professional, engineering and installation staff throughout Australia, the BC – JCB – IMI group present a formidable force in all Electrical, Voice / Data and Information Technology Integration services. The range of services on offer is now further enhanced with the recent addition of Vaughan Plumbing and Lasonda Industries into the Group.

The group’s structure enables customers to benefit from dealing with a single point of contact across multiple services. Typically, this task would require significantly more time and effort to manage these different services and relationships. This structure enables single invoicing for multiple services within one account, providing a back end cost saving to your organisation and project management.

We offer a unique combination of engineering excellence, financial strength, national coverage and unmatched range of products and services to meet your business needs.